Sport and Podiatry

There are many symptoms that you experience during sport and physical activity such as aches, strains and pain in the feet, legs, knees and even lower back that may be due to abnormal foot function.

When we place our bodies under the physical stress and strain of exercise, imbalances in our feet and legs that remains unnoticed during our daily activities can give rise to injuries.

It’s a good idea to visit a Podiatrist for a full gait and biomechanical assessment before entering into any sports program involving the feet and the legs, to make sure the bodies connection with the ground is in proper working order.

Imbalances in the lower limb and feet causing sporting injuries can be accurately assessed, diagnosed and treated by Podiatrists via biomechanical control, strengthening, stretching, various taping methods, and footwear recommendations.

For those who are wanting to undertake a new sporting activity, or are coming back to sport and exercise after injury, we can write a return to sport program for you to follow so you can do the things you like to do pain free and without the concern of re injury. woman-running