To resolve certain foot and lower limb complaints your podiatrist often involves the use of orthotics (arch supports) that fit into your shoes for both general, work and sporting purposes.

By the Bay Podiatry can supply both off the self foam devices, semi custom and fully custom made orthoses. Your Podiatrist will determine which will be best suited to treat your condition and advise you accordingly. To be successful a lot of orthoses need to be custom made for the individual using a plaster impression of the feet, however off the shelf devices can be used in the short term or for more minor issues.dreamstimesmall_23851157

Orthoses can be used to treat a large number of people for all different conditions across the community including biomechanical issues for sports people to improve performance and resolve or prevent injury. They can assist in abnormal gait or foot deformities that may develop during life such as Arthritis. Orthoses can be used to treat lower back pain, knee and shin pain as well as most foot and ankle injuries as well as arthritis including bunions, arch/heel pain and toe or forefoot pain.