Normal development of the gait cycle

  • KidsRunning18 months – Sits alone and unsupported – can raise self to sitting
  • 10 Months –  Crawling standing and holding onto furniture become easier; movements in the hips and legs can be jerky
  • 12 months – Supported walking progresses to child being able to walk supported with one hand, child can squat with wide base of support
  • 15-18 months – Child can walk, kneel and stand up unaided; stair climbs on all fours. Speed and ease of walking improves towards 18 months
  • 2 years – Climbs stairs two feet per step without help, can run and jump; lacks co-ordination and; flat foot and hips externally rotated
  • 3 years – Decreasing base of gait, alternated feet going up stairs, jumps off step two feet landing, can run and hop more efficiently, foot starts to re -supinate  or “roll out”
  • 4 years – Child can walk down one foot per step, runs and climbs well, hops one foot, still has flat foot
  • 5 years – Child can skip on both feet, heel to toe gait and active propulsion